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Bio-data of Dr.(Mrs). Shobhana Mohandas.

Year of qualification for M.B.B.S

: 1982.

 Year of qualification for D.G.O 

: 1985

 Year of qualification for M.D 

: 1986

Practising operative laparoscopy since

Diploma in endoscopy, Kiel, Germany

F I C O G 

: 1995



Papers presented at Continuing  Medical Education Programmes/Conferences:

Thrissur 1996 Thrissur Kannur IMA Palakkad IMA Valluvanad Thrissur, 2003 Thrissur, scopy 2004. Thrissur, 2004, TOGS annual meeting
International conferences:
1.Laparoscopy in pregnancy: International conference on pregnancy research, Singapore , November 2007.
2. Talk on obesity in PCOD as part of symposium: Annual international menopause conference, Prague, 2016.
National conferences: 
1.Complications of Hysterectomy. AICOG 2012.
2.Acute pelvic infection: AICOG 2008, Delhi .
3.Laparoscopy in pregnancy: AICOG 2006, Cochin .
4.Thermal ablation. Free paper in AICOG 2003, Bangalore
5. Polyhydramnios  AICOG 2009 Jaipur
6.Laparoscopy in pregnancy: free paper at an international conference in Goa .
7.Complications of hysterectomy: Invited speaker at Gujarat state conf., 2005 and  
8.Orissa state conference, 2007.
9.Laparoscopy: Panelist at satellite conference, Bhubaneswar , 2007.
10.Laparoscopy in abdominal pain:  IAGE, Coimbatore , 2005.
11. – DO-                                       :   IAGE,Mumbai 2005.
12.Complications of laparoscopy: Panelist, IAGE Chennai, 2006
13.Complications of LSCS: Panelist at annual conference of Navi Mumbai society, 2008..
14.Laparoscopy: Training programme for PG-s, Coimbatore , March 2008.
15. Induction  of labour: fogsi workshop on labour management: Jaipur, June 2009
16. Colposcopy, management of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: Hassan, July 2009
17.Thrombophilia, Induction of labour: Manipal, August 2009
18.Office hysteroscopy: International conference in advances in gynaecology: Mumbai, september 2009
19. Endometrial polyps hysteroscopic managment: Trichy, june 2012
20. Faculty at Hysterosscopy workshop, Vijayawada, September  2012.
22. Obesity: Management in Menopause: at south zone IMS conference, Bengalururu, August, 2012.
23. Evidence based medicine: CME in Chennai, July, 2012
24. Phytoestrogens. Bhubaneswar, IMSCON2013
25.Phytoestrogens, Allahabad, East zone IMS conference 2013
26.Ovarian cyst in menopause, West zone IMS conference 2013
27/ Vulval disorders and dyspareunia West zone IMS conference, 2013
28 Ovarian cysts i Perimenopause : Talk at local meeting by Chennai IMS,
29. Newer drugs in osteoporosis : zonal conference, Kolkatta, 2015
30 Management of hot flashes; talk at monthly meeting of Trichy society, 2014

31 Newer drugs in osteoporosis Agra, IMSCON 2014
32Commercialisation of ART Manipal, January 2015
33 : Moderator in panel on PCOS in adolescents, AICOG 2015,Chennai.
34. Talk on borderline between psychiatry and gynaecology: Varanasi, 2015
35.High uterosacral ligament fixation: Urogynaecology conference, Ahmedabad, December 2016
36,37,38,Talk on nonhormonal management of AUB: Udaipur, Cuttack, Pune, 2016
39,40,41,; Moderated panel on AUB Baroda, Jaipur,Pune, Cuttack, Nagpur.
42Hormonal and non hormonal management of AUB; Lucknow, 2016
43. Talks on hot flashes,phytoestrogens, osteoporosis and moderated panel onnewer concepts in HRT: Lucknow, 2017 february
44.HRT: Myths and realities: Zonal conference of IMS< Delhi, 2016
45. Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis:Zonal conference, Chennai, 2016
46. HRT and Diabetes: IMSCON 2017 , Raipur
47. Perimenopausal ovarian cyst : IMSCON 2016, Nagpur
48. Depression in menopause: IMSCON, Indore, 2015
49Moderator of panel on newer concepts in HRT, AICOG,2017
50.Panelist in panel on recurrent abortions, AICOG 2017

51. Interesting cases in Laparoscopy:Talk, ISAR, Delhi April 2017

52.Management of IUGR. Chennai. 2017

53.Endoscopic surgeries: ISAR,2017,Delhi.

54.HPV testing; Pune, zonal conference, August 2017

55. Minimal access surgery in Oncology: International oncology conference, August, 2017.

56.Perimenopausal ovarian cysts; IMS meeting in Bhagalpur, Bihar, September 2017; Also panel moderator on Newer therapies in Menopause.

57. Talk on Evaluation of urinary proteins at ISOPARB meeting, Chennai. Oct.2017

58.Talks on Hysteroscopy in submucous fibroids and on Borderline ovarian tumous at East zone IMS conference in Patna, Nov.2017

59.Ergonomics in Laparoscopy: AICOG Bhubaneswar, Jan.2018

60.Pelvic pain in menopause; IMSCON,2018




Talks given in Kerala:

 1.Complications in  Operative laparoscopy :   Perinthalmanna, 1995
2..Complications in  Operative laparoscopy :   Alappuzha , 1995.
03. Ovarian cysts   
04.Ovarian cysts   Palakkad, 1995
05.Laparoscopic surgeries: Palakkad,
6.Panel discussion on anovulation Shoranur, 1996.
7.Laparoscopy in chronic pelvic pain Thrissur,
8.Familial cancer syndrome Thrissur
9. Recurrent pregnancy loss Palakkad, 1997
10. Recurrent pregnancy loss:                     Calicut
11.Changing trends in hysterectomy Calicut 1998
12.Intrauterine insemination Cochin 1999.
13.Prevention of gestational diabetes Calicut 1999.
14.Intrauterine synechea Trivandrum
15.Laparoscopic myomectomy Cochin 2000
16.Infertility IMA,Thrissur, 2000
17. Laparoscopy for ectopic pregnancy Cochin 2001
18Laparoscopy in pregnancy    Calicut 2001
19.Complications of hysterectomy 
20.Complications of hysterectomy 
21.Chronic pelvic pain AKCOG 2003,Kasargode
22.Chronic pelvic pain Trivandrum, 2003
23.Chronic pelvic pain Palakkad 2003.
24.Obstetric analgesia Palakkad 2003
25.Cord prolapse Thrissur 2003
26. Chorion villus biopsy Thrissur 2003
27.Ectopic gestation Thodupuzha 2003
28.Maintenance of labour room Thrissur 2003
29.Maintenance of labour room Vyanad 2003
30.Intrauterine contraceptive device 
31.Dysfunctional uterine bleeding  
32.Changing trends in gynaecology IMA Thrissur
33.Changing trends in gynaecology IMA guruvayoor
34.Changing trends in gynaecology IMA Irinjalakuda
35.Laparoscopy in abdominal pain 
36.Laparoscopic adhesiolysis, ovarian cystectomy 
37.Stem cell therapy 
38.Hyperemesis gravidarum Calicut 2005
39.Intractable APH case history Thrissur, TOGS monthly meet, 20005
40.IUGR panel Palakkad 2006
41.IUGR panel Kasargode 2005
42.Gestational diabetes diet management Thrissur IMA meet 2007
43.Laparoscopy in gynaecological disease Guruvayoor IMA 2007
45.Septic shock management Thrissur,2007, TOGS monthly meet
46.Laparoscopy in infertility Thrissur 2007, TOGS monthly meet
47.Hysteroscopic adhesiolysis case report TOGS monthly meet 2007
48.Recent advances in endometriosis Thrissur, 2007, TOGS annual meet
49.Recent advances in endometriosis Cochin AKCOG Cochin 2008
50. Near miss case of PPH Palakkad, june 2008
51.Secondary amenorrhoea Yuva FOGSI , November 2008.
52.Chronic pelvic pain Calicut AKCOG 2009
53. Who should take HRT Ottappalam, 2009.
54. Hysteroscopy AKCOG, 2012
55.Recurrent abortion Palakkad, 2012,August
56 Gestational diabetes IMA, Thrissur,august 2013
57. Advances in gynaecology IMA Chalakkudy and Pattambi
58.Vaginal atrophy Local IMS meeting Calicut
59Breast cancer and HRT Local IMS meeting , Calicut
60 .Peripartum collapse Yuva FOGSI , calicut.
61. Panel discussion on Intra uterine insemination. panelist AKCOG 2016,Cochin
62.Immediate post op: Pitfalls and solutions AKCOG 2017,calicut
64.Dinoprostone Ottappalam monthly meeting
65.Perimanopausal ovarian cyst IMS zonal conference2013
66.Management of menopause IMA monthly meeting, thrissur, 2015
67.Ectopic pregnancy:Pitfalls in diagnosis South zone Yuva Fogsi conference, Thrissur, July 2017
68.Newer therapies in AUB Gynaec meeting at Amala medical college April 2017
69.Panelist in recurrent abortions Monthly TOGS meeting.
70. Talk on Recurrent abortions MES medical college,perintalmanna
72.Obesity and insulin resistance AKCOG, Thrissur, February 2018





Edited the FOGSI publication, "Post-operative complications in gynaecological surgery"

released  at All India conference 2006.

Editor of TOGS bulletin, the monthly bulletin of Thrissur society.  20issues released .

Written articles on adenomyosis, PPH, Septic shock, Vaginal hysterectomy,Ectopic

pregnancy,trigger point injections, Chronic abdominal pain, viral infections in pregnancy,

Misoprostol,Nutritional suppliments in gynaecology, etc.

Written 10 chapters and edited the book "Desk Top Reference in Gynaecology"

published by Jaipee Brothers, New Delhi.

Article on laparoscopy in Anovulation in KAGE magazine 

Article on laparoscopy in Abdominal pain in KAGE magazine 

Article on IUGR in KFOG website

Article on Fibroids: Clinical features in FOGSI focus, july 2008

Article on side effects of combined OC-s  in FOGSI focus, August, 2008.

Article on Investigation of female infertility: FOGSI textbook, 2012.

Article on Endometriosis at rare site, in text book on Endometriosis,  ED: Pankaj Desai., 2012

Critical care in Obstetric ICU, in book on maternal morbidity and mortality, ED: Arulmozhi.,2011.

Article on Adult vaccination, clinical guidelines of Indian Menopause society, 2012.

Public talks

Panel discussions on Metro Cable Vision Television programme:

Ectopic pregnancy, Growth retardation, Nutrition in pregnancy, Caesarian section,

Need for hysterectomy, Diabetes in pregnancy, Hypertension in pregnancy.

" Ask the Doctor" live talk show  : 5 episodes.

Talks in All india Radio (AIR):

Alternatives to hysterectomy

Ask the doctor: Live talk show

Talks at local meetings of women Given talks at 6 different venues

Adolescent problems : Talk at meeting organised by "Vanitha" magazine. 

Talks at various schools on adolescent welfare.

Conducted publicawareness talks on menopause at many venues.



: 1982.




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